SPOT ANCHOR® is a protection against falls from height which makes it possible to secure an area inaccessible to the public with a risk of falling.

SPOT ANCHOR® is used with a P.P.I. compliant (lanyard, retractor, etc …).

360° rotating anchor point, intended to be installed on waterproof deck roofs, alveolar concrete equipped with a bitumen or PVC cover.

  • Ex works within 48 hours

  • Fixing by 1 rocker pin

  • Quick setup

  • Maintenance free

Material: Stainless steel/alu/PVC – Stainless steel/alu/bitumen
Finish: raw stainless steel


The rotation of the SPOT ANCHOR® positions the ring so that the fixing plate takes up and optimally distributes the forces generated by a fall.

The SPOT ANCHOR® is therefore the ideal anchor for roofs equipped with a waterproof bitumen or PVC insulation complex.


Other type of sealing collar on request.

SPOT ANCHOR® is suitable for thicknesses up to 200mm as standard.
For greater thicknesses, contact us.

Stainless steel rocker pin.