SECURIFIL® éolienne is a lifeline designed to secure vertical movements. It is suitable for confined spaces where the cable is in a central position.

SECURIFIL® éolienne is for exclusive use with a rope grab supplied by SOMAIN SECURITE. This is connected to the user’s harness and blocks on

the cable if the user falls.

  • Maintenance-free

  • Shipped within 48 hours

  • Quick to install

Material: zinc-plated aluminium/aluminium

Finish: zinc-plated
Technical information:
 Supplied with instructions and drawings can be consulted on the internet: extranet

  • SECURIFIL® éolienne must be installed on the access ladder on the wind turbine tower. At the top it is fastened onto 3 ladder rungs.

If your case presents specific constraints, our design office will be able to propose an appropriate solution.