When it is not possible to set up collective protection for your work at height, the SECURIFIL® inox V3 lifeline is the appropriate solution for working in complete safety.

  • 1 single shock absorber

  • Use with a simple carabiner

  • 4 users

  • Reduced air draft

  • Very low extremity force during a fall (900 daN max)

    Material: Stainless steel
    Finish: Electro-polished
    Technical: Supplied with notices and plans available on  extranet

We were able to lighten the interface supports (posts, plates, clamps, etc.) because SECURIFIL® inox V3 significantly reduces the forces in the event of a fall.

  • The damper is made of 316 stainless steel. It is guaranteed for 10 years against corrosion (excluding special environments).
  • SECURIFIL® inox V3 has a unique serial number placed on the components.
  • SECURIFIL® inox V3 is used without trolley or specific slider (cost optimization).
  • SECURIFIL® inox V3 can be installed on all types of substrates and roofs.

For centers greater than 15 m, choose reinforced SECURIFIL® reinforced.

In the event of specific constraints, our design office is able to offer you the appropriate solution.

In compliance with the standard, force calculation software is available on our extranet.

Examples of implementation

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