SECURILIGNE® tubalurail is an aluminium lifeline.

The exclusive section developed by SOMAIN SECURITE allows for distances between fastenings of up to 4.50 m (and even more on request). Ideal for working underneath structures, this lifeline also allows workers to be suspended thanks to a special trolley.

This system is also suited to photovoltaic roofs as the shadows cast are minimal.

  • Easy remote use

  •  Suspended working possible

  •  10-year warranty – maintenance-free

  •  Available from stock (except special supports)

Material : aluminium

Finish : Raw

Technical information : Supplied with instructions and drawings can be consulted on the internet : extranet

SOMAIN SECURITE trolleys are essential elements of the SECURILIGNE® tubalurail systems. The installation of the SECURILIGNE® tubalurail determines the trolley model to be used.

Types of apps
Underside application
Flat application
Surface application