The SECURILISSE® GABION weighted guardrail makes it possible to secure work areas delimited by walls, embankments, equipped with welded mesh grids.

The surface mounting simplifies the installation of SECURILISSE® GABION. This is done during tightening, a stainless steel “claw” closes on the vertical steel round of the grid.

  • Quick setup

  • Front fixing

  • No drilling or welding

  • Fixing system with European patent

Material: Aluminum / galvanized steel
Fixing: Surface mounted with a stainless steel “claw”
Finish: Raw or powder coated
Technical: Delivered with notices and plans available on the internet: extranet

Railing for welded wire mesh
Public guardrail version

This part deforms when clamped to squezze the vertical steel ring of the mesh. It fixes the railing support.