SECURITOIT® escalier is a collective technical access means made of aluminium section. The gradient can be adapted (from 21° to 45°), and it can be fitted with standard-compliant guard rails on one or both sides.

 The SECURITOIT® escalier is made up of standard elements.

But often the configuration of the staircase and its fastenings will be custom designed and specially made.

Our design office is able to propose solutions for particular configurations (corners, wall supports, landings, etc.)

  • Highly modular

  •  Maintenance-free

  •  Delivered pre-assembled.

SECURITOIT® escalier is lightweight and quick and easy to install. The steps and and decks are fitted with non-slip studs.

The SECURILISSE® railing can be fitted onto the entire length of SECURITOIT® gangways and staircases. It can be added on one or both sides depending on the configuration of the site.

SECURITOIT® is a range of devices including gangways and staircases that are all totally compatible with each other.

This means it is possible to properly secure an entire area whatever changes in in gradients are levels it may include.