SECURIFIX® PAY 360 is a protection against falls from height which makes it possible to secure an area inaccessible to the public with a risk of falling.

SECURIFIX® PAY 360 has the particularity of being 360° rotatable, intended to be installed on dry deck roofs, or roofs with butt joints.

In the event of specific constraints, our design office is able to offer you the appropriate solution.

  • No need to open the roof

  • Ex works within 48 hours.

  • Quick setup

  • Maintenance free

Material: 304L stainless steel

Finish: Painted yellow

Advantages: PAY 360 is preferably used on metal roofs. The rotation of the anchor positions the system in an ideal situation so that the fixing plates take up and optimally distribute the forces generated by a fall.

Possibility of installation on dry deck roofs, or butt joint roofs.

Fixing on steel deck
Fixing for round standing seam roofs
Fixing for double-folded standing seam roofs