SECURIFIL® verticale pylône is a lifeline designed to
secure vertical movements on metal pylons.
The fixings are specifically adapted to the angles of
different sizes and thicknesses used for the manufacture of
This lifeline is used exclusively with a fall arrester
mobile provided by SOMAIN. This, connected to the harness of
the user, hangs on the cable in the event of a fall.

  • 10 year warranty

  • Maintenance free

  • Easy to use

  • Material: Stainless steel

Finish: Raw or powder coated
Technical: Supplied with notices and plans available on  extranet

A lifeline suitable for angles of all thicknesses which constitute certain pylons.

The user hooks his harness onto the slider’s fall absorber. The latter locks in the event of a downward vertical movement and retains the worker.

Standard: EN 353-1