SECURILIGNE® rail alu and SECURILIGNE® rail inox are rigid lifelines made of stainless steel or aluminium.

Ideal for working underneath structures, these lifelines allow workers to be suspended thanks to a special trolley.
Can also be used on vertical surfaces and on the ground with the appropriate trolley.

  • Available from stock (except special supports)

  • Remote use

  • Suspended working possible

  • 10-year warranty – maintenance-free

Material: aluminium ou inox

Finish: brut

Technical information: Supplied with instructions and drawings can be consulted on the internet: extranet

SOMAIN SECURITE trolleys are essential elements of the SECURILIGNE® tubalurail systems. The installation of the SECURILIGNE® tubalurail determines the trolley model to be used.

Types of apps
Underside application
Flat application
Surface application