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EN ISO 14 122-3

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The SECURILISSE® GC-PL railing is a collective fall protection system for securing roofs inaccessible to the public without having to drill through the building’s waterproofing.
The stability of the railing is guaranteed by ballast weights covered in HDPE so as not to damage the waterproofing.

Material : aluminium
Weight : 21 kg per linear metre
Finish : brut, anodisé ou thermolaqué
Technical information : Available on the internet : extranet

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 GC PB plot

25 kg ballast weight covered with HDPE.

Straight free standing railing: GC-PLD
GCbeton plein2

Inclined free standing railing: GC-PLI


The Inclined version will chosen for aesthetic reasons as the railing is less visible from the ground.
The difference with the GC-PLD is the shape of the uprights which are bent at the bottom.

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