Norme :
EN ISO 14 122-3
& NF E 85-015

Fiche produit :

The SECURILISSE® évo GCE-DA guardrail is a collective fall arrest system. It is designed for roofs inaccessible to the public and is the ideal solution for a vertical wall mounting. The inclined version 30° slope is chosen for aesthetic reasons as the guardrail is less visible from the ground.

  • VERY quick to install

  • Free maintenance

  • Attractive design

Material: aluminium
Finish: raw, anodised, powder-coated
Technical information: Supplied with instructions and drawings. Available on the internet: extranet.

Straight guardrail with midrail: GCE-DA2

The SECURILISSE® évo GCE-DA2 is used for a vertical wall mounting on a parapet with a height between 100 mm and 570 mm included.

Straight guardrail without round tube: GCE-DA1

The SECURILISSE® évo GCE-DA1 is used for a vertical wall mounting on a parapet with a height over 570 mm.

Garde-corps droit avec sous-lisse et plinthe : GCE-DA3

The SECURILISSE® évo GCE-DA3 is suitable for working area without a parapet. In this case the standard requires the installation of a toeboard.

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