The SECURILISSE® technical guardrail is a collective protection device materialized by a barrier whose height must be 110 cm.

Intended to be placed around the perimeter of a high work area, it is made up of uprights supporting a “handrail”.

The standard requires that the free space between the beam and the parapet does not exceed 50 cm. If this is the case, we reduce this space by adding a sub-rail.

There is a SECURILISSE® solution suitable for each type of building, insulation and waterproofing:

  • GC on insulated terrace
  • GC onto hot metal deck
  • Skylight protection
  • Foldable option for SECURILISSE®

This type of device is listed as collective protection, it is subject to European standard EN 14122-3 and NF E85-015.

Lightweight, easy to handle, quick to install, SECURILISSE® saves time and improves productivity.

Handrails and sub-rails are delivered in a length of 3 meters. A constriction on one end allows them to fit together to compose longer lengths.
The assembly is done by molded aluminum junction pieces. It does not require any welding and is done by tightening the cup screws. To facilitate assembly, the screws are already mounted on the parts, just tighten them to finalize the installation.

SECURILISSE® guardrails are available in a straight or inclined shape. They are fixed by chemical sealing in the concrete or by self-drilling screw in the steel tank.


The SECURILISSE® is available in a folding version. It then sinks to the level of the terrace, invisible from the ground.