The anchor point is a device for protecting a small area.

The user hooks the carabiner from its lanyard to the ring of the anchor point and can move within a radius equivalent to the  lanyard’s length.

The anchor point can be used indifferently on a vertical wall or on a horizontal area roof, terrace.

Standard : EN 795 Classe A

There are three types of anchors SECURIFIX®.

  • Single fixing anchors : Even if for safety reasons it is preferable to fix an anchorage by two fixings to reduce the risk of loosening. An anchoring by single fixing is sometimes recommended for technical or aesthetic reasons.
    • SECURIFIX® potelet
    • SECURIFIX® galva/inox forgé
    • SECURIFIX® plaquette inox
    • SECURIFIX® safe anchor
    • SECURIFIX® pay 360
    • SECURIFIX® spot anchor
  • Double fixing anchors : For safety reasons it is preferable to have a anchorage with two fixing to reduce the risk of loosening.
    • SECURIFIX® alu
    • SECURIFIX® inox
Guaranteed 10 years
Maintenance free
Protect small areas
Move safely within a radius
Ensuring individual safety