SECURIFIL® alu is the reference horizontal flexible anchor line on the personal fall protection market.

Where it is not possible to install a collective protection system for your work at a height, a lifeline is the best solution to guarantee safe working.

  • Non-deformable, guaranteed 10 years

  • 3 users (more possible on request)

  • Maintenance-free

  • Shipped within 48 hours

securifil-alu-ensembleMaterial : Stainless steel/aluminium.
Finish : Raw stainless steel and powder-coated aluminium
Technical information : Supplied with instructions, and drawings can be consulted on the internet : extranet

Advantages :

SECURIFIL® alu is guaranteed for 10 years.

Indéformable, SECURIFIL® alu reste opérationnelle immédiatement après la chute d’un utilisateur. Elle assure la sécurité des secouristes et évite les interventions de remise en état du dispositif.

Non-deformable, SECURIFIL® alu remains operational immediately after a user falls. It guarantees the safety of rescue workers and the device requires no resetting.

SECURIFIL® alu s used with a simple connector conforming to EN 362. No special trolleys or rope grabs are necessary.

Because of the particularly high load placed on the device when someone falls, the SECURIFIL® alu must be fixed onto the most solid parts of the building: concrete slab or wall, timber or metal beams. We have therefore developed interfaces to suite each possible case.

For distances over 15 m, choose SECURIFIL® renforcée

If your case presents specific constraints, our design office will be able to propose an appropriate solution.

As required by the standard, load calculation software is available on our extranet (

Options :

Available with galvanised steel or stainless steel supports.

Specific RAL colours on request (standard: RAL 7038).

Our design office is at your disposal to propose custom solutions to meet every situation.

Installation examples


Elements for fixing SECURIFIL® alu on a vertical surface, concrete wall/parapet.


SECURIFIL® alu is installed on posts when the lifeline is used on a roof with insulation/waterproofing.


This is an exclusive system developed by SOMAIN SECURITE to use chimneys on roofs to support the parts of a SECURIFIL® alu lifeline.