Norme :
EN 795 Class C 2012

Fiche produit :

SECURIFIL® alu V2  installed when it is not possible to set up sufficient collective protection for work carried out high up, the lifeline is the solution adopted to continue in complete safety.

  • Use with a simple snap hook

  • 3 users (+ on request)

  • Reduced air draught

  • Departure within 48 hours
    (excluding special supports)

Material : Stainless steel/aluminium

Finish : Raw stainless steel and painted aluminium

Technical : Delivered with manuals and retrievable plans available on Internet: http://extranet.somain.frextranet

Avantages :

SECURIFIL® alu V2 can be used without a carriage or special slide (cost optimisations).

SECURIFIL® alu V2 can be installed on all types of supports and roofs.
Due to the particularly severe forces undergone by the device during a fall, the SECURIFIL® alu V2 must be fixed to the building: slab or concrete wall, wood or metal beams. We have therefore developed interfaces adapted to each case.

For centres greater than 15 m, choose reinforced SECURIFIL®

In case of specific constraints, our design office is able to offer you the adapted solution.

In compliance with the standard, a force calculation software is available on our extranet (

Options :

Available with support made of galvanised or stainless steel.

Specific RAL colour on request (standard: RAL 7038).

Our Research Department is at your disposal to offer you tailor-made solutions adapted to each situation.

Installations Examples

Components for fixing the SECURIFIL® alu V2 applied to a concrete wall/concrete structure

This is an exclusive device developed by SOMAIN SECURITE to use chimneys on roofs to support parts of the lifeline SECURIFIL® alu V2.
The principle of the device is based on a strapping of the chimney with 2 stainless steel cables of 8 mm diameter.

SECURIFIL® alu V2 is installed on a post when the lifeline secures a roof with insulation/waterproofing.
The post facilitates the crossing of this complex to reach the frame or the slab.
The posts are also used to raise the cable about 50 cm to facilitate the use of the lifeline.

Special Interfaces on metal or wood beam, on wood beam, on metal beam.

Double beam post – Ringed post on tube – Applied post

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