Norme :
EN 795 Classe D

Fiche produit :


Suspended use

chariot-plat On top use

chariot-applique Vertical use

Rigid lifeline

SECURILIGNE® tubalurail is a aluminium lifeline.

The exclusive section developed by SOMAIN SECURITE allows for distances between fastenings of up to 4.50 m (and even more on request). Ideal for working underneath structures, this lifeline also allows workers to be suspended thanks to a special trolley.

This system is also suited to photovoltaic roofs as the shadows cast are minimal.

  • Easy remote use

  •  Suspended working possible

  •  10-year warranty – maintenance-free

  •  Available from stock (except special supports)

Material : aluminium
Finish : Raw
Technical information : Supplied with instructions and drawings can be consulted on the internet : extranet


 Les chariots :

Les chariots SOMAIN SECURITE sont des éléments essentiels des systèmes SECURILIGNE® rail alu et SECURILIGNE® rail inox.
L’implantation du SECURILIGNE® rail détermine le modèle de chariot à utiliser.

Stainless steel runner R10 for underside use.
Stainless steel runner R12 for a vertical and floor installation
Stainless steel runner R10S for suspension use

Special fixing :


Fixing for isolated metal deck roofing


Fixing for a metal roof with standing joins. There are pliers adapted to each form of join: bulbous, double pleats, etc …..


Fixing for metal deck


Flange clamping
On steel beams
This involves clamping the flanges of the beam between 2 plates.


On metal or wooden beams.
The lengths and widths of the elements are adapted to the size of the support.


For installation off the surface.
In order to ensure the rail is horizontal, it is sometimes necessary to fasten it away from roof trusses for example. To do this, we use suspension bars of different sizes to achieve the distance required.