Norme :
EN 795 Class D

Fiche produit :


SECURILIGNE® rail alu and SECURILIGNE® rail inox are rigid lifelines made of stainless steel or aluminium.

Ideal for working underneath structures, these lifelines allow workers to be suspended thanks to a special trolley.
Can also be used on vertical surfaces and on the ground with the appropriate trolley.

  • Available from stock (except special supports)

  • Remote use

  • Suspended working possible

  • 10-year warranty – maintenance-free

Material: aluminium ou inox
Finish: brut
Technical information: Supplied with instructions and drawings can be consulted on the internet: extranet

 Les chariots :

Les chariots SOMAIN SECURITE sont des éléments essentiels des systèmes SECURILIGNE® rail alu et SECURILIGNE® rail inox.
L’implantation du SECURILIGNE® rail détermine le modèle de chariot à utiliser.


Stainless steel runner R10 underside use.


Stainless steel runner R12 for a vertical and floor installation


Stainless steel runner R10S for suspension use

 Fixing on concrete :


Floor fixing


Underside fixing


Vertical fixing

Onto tube fixing :

SOMAIN SECURITE a développé différents systèmes de fixation pour adapter les SECURILIGNE® rail alu et SECURILIGNE® rail inox à toutes les configurations de charpentes et de structures.


For superior to 1 metre between fixing, we reinforce the entire assembly with a support tube.
The shape and size of this tube is chosen specifically for the span required between the fastening points..


In order to ensure the rail is horizontal, it is sometimes necessary to fasten it away from roof trusses for example. To do this, we use suspension bars of different sizes to achieve the distance required.


SOMAIN SECURITE designs and makes posts to install SECURILIGNE® rail alu and SECURILIGNE® rail inox for specific uses.