This type of device is listed as collective protection, it is submitted to the European Standard EN 14122-3 and NF E85-015.

Lightweight, easy to handle, quick to install, SECURILISSE® is a time saver and productivity.

Handrails and the lower rail are supplied in lengths of 3 meters. A neck on one end allows the suit to compose longer lengths.
The assembly is made by molded aluminum connecting parts. It requires no soldering and is done by tightening the screws bowls. To facilitate assembly, the screws are already mounted on the parts, simply tighten to finalize the installation.

Railings SECURILISSE® available in straight or angled. They are fixed by chemical sealing in concrete or self-drilling screws into the steel pan.


The SECURILISSE® is available in folding versions. He then lowers flush with the terrace, invisible from the ground.